Types of Guest Posts and Guidelines

Hello. I see you are interested in creating a guest post on my blog. For that, I must say thank you. Your view of the world will contribute to my passion of exploring and celebrating diversity.

I have three features that any blogger can partake in:

1. The regular guest post:
A guest blogger will write their experiences about a topic I’m completely unfamiliar with. The guest blogger will have most control over the content of the post; however, I might edit it here and there to make sure it looks in sync with the rest of my regular posts. Don’t worry, I will show you the final guest post before I publish it on my blog. I want you to be satisfied and happy with your final result. If I feel your post idea will not work; I definitely will let you know before you write it. If I decide not to include your work, please be aware this has nothing to do with you as a person or a writer. You will have many more opportunities in the future.   As I said before, I will not include your work or post idea does not fit with my blog. For example, I will not include a post on celebrity gossip because it has nothing to do with my blog even though you may be a fantastic writer who is well-knowledgable on the topic.

If you do decide to contact me, I would be happy to try to brainstorm with you what kind of post that you could write, which would work well on my blog.

2. The collaboration:
 I will collaborate with you on a topic we both are familiar with and passionate about. For example, video games. Note: I’m not a die-hard gamer, this is a completely random example that popped into my head.

We both will write out a discussion where we both ask each other questions and talk about misconceptions, stereotypes, and where we both think “such-and-such” is going. So if you and I did a post about video games…here is a rough outline on how it would look like.

This is how I would like the post to look like when it is published:

Video Games (Title)
-Introduce the topic and ourselves. Give an overview of what we’re going to cover.

  Our understanding of the topic.
-A very basic over of what it is, its history, and why its important/relevant today.

   What we like
-The advantages of being into video games. Inform readers as to why they should
explore video games. It could be the community of gamers, attending fun
conventions, improving mental reflexes and so on.

What we don’t like
-The opposite of the above.

   Frustrations and misunderstandings 
– (This is self-explanatory). Breaking myths.


Of course, this will change according to the topic. This is just to give you an idea. Please don’t be overwhelmed! It’s not as difficult as it looks.

3. The Interview. This is an exclusive feature pertaining to the theme of my blog. If I’m interested in your cultural background, I would love to interview you. Depending on the person, I will ask you questions about your ethnicity, country’s history, present problems, stereotypes, and your opinion about the country’s future. Furthermore, if I feel you are  informed about a certain topic (for example the religion of Buddhism), then I would like to interview you.

The idea of these interviews is to provide readers with easy to read content with personal anecdotes. Technically, I could research Buddhism. But there is no fun reading it because it’s only factual information. Thus, it’s unlikely for one to go out of the way to do heavy research about it unless one might be forced to.

When it comes to information, humans remember and learn things better when they can connect with others. There is a reason why we tend to gravitate towards reading The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank over a textbook about World War 1.

Here are a general list of questions I might ask you:

-Where are you from?
-What is your cultural background?
-What does it mean to you to be the definition of your nationality?
-What is your country known for?

And so on.  I don’t have a set list of questions, but my goal is for it to look like a live interview transcribed onto this website. You don’t have to answer any questions that make you uncomfortable.

Finally, here are the guidelines for guest-posting:

  1. Please double or even triple check your punctuation, spelling, and grammar before sending it to me for publishing.
  2. Make sure your guest post is detailed, informative, and thorough. If you noticed, most of my posts are fairly long. I do this because I want content on my website to have substance and meaning. I’m not asking you to write thousands of pages of material, but it should be content where I would be interested in clicking on it if I see it on the Internet.
  3. Please include facts in your post. Opinions are great, but they’re even better when they are backed up with good sources of information.
  4. If you use any facts; please do include the sources.
  5. Do your research! You should be well-knowledgeable on your topic to write a good quality article.
  6. If you decide to do an interview, please be willing to exchange several e-mails, as I will be asking you questions based on the prior information exactly like a live interview. If that’s sounds like too much work, I would be happy to instant message you. Once that is done, you can save the entire chat into a document and edit it there. Then, you can send it to me for finishing touches and publishing.
  7. When answering the questions for the interview, again, please be detailed and answer the question fully to the best of your ability. Readers and I want to learn more about your culture, and we can’t do that if we’re stuck wondering what you’re talking about and whether such and such is true.
  8. I will give you a deadline, so please do try to stick to it, so I can upload it in time.
  9. If you do decide to use pictures, please make sure they’re HD quality. Nobody likes fuzzy pictures.
  10. If something comes up, where you will be delayed in doing your part, please let me know. Likewise, I will do the same.
  11. Make sure your voice shines through. I can read any article about African Americans, but I can’t read about your individual struggles, ups and downs, and things that make you proud to be one.

Most importantly, have fun! This is your happy space where we celebrate your unique culture, knowledge, and ideas about the world. And please stick around if readers have questions about your post. It means we want to know more about you, which is always a good thing.

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