Contact Zoey

If you have any questions or requests, then please do ask me, as I would be happy to answer any of them. Also, I would love to hear all constructive feedback, as I do want to improve the experience of this blog.

I also love doing guest posts on other blogs, so feel free to ask me if you would like to feature me as a guest blogger.  If you choose to do so, please do send the guidelines, word limit (if any), and the topic. I can’t make a good quality post if I don’t know what the requirements and guidelines are.

Of course, if you’re just here to hate on my blog, then your e-mail or comment will be deleted. No questions asked. I cannot stand negativity, and I will not tolerate those who simply choose to bash me for no proper reason. All I can say is that I’m sorry that you didn’t like my blog. I’m sorry that my blog provoked such a negative reaction that you had to send me hate mail. I cannot please everyone, and I have no intentions to offend anyone. Thus, if you do decide to send me a hate message, please be aware that I am a human being with feelings. That is all.

You can e-mail me at Or you can send the message through here. Either way, I will receive both.

Thank you for taking the time out to write me a personal message. I highly appreciate it.

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