Comment Guidelines

People can be cruel on the Internet. Thus, I have decided to post some guidelines. Please read through them before posting. If you don’t follow them, your comment will be deleted.

  1. Comments that have include profanity will be deleted. I understand if you curse in real life, but please do not do it here. People of all ages are reading this, and I would like my content to be family-friendly.
  2. Please don’t write a comment where it shows a religion, race, or gender in a bad light. Everyone here will be treated equally and with respect. Let’s keep this website a friendly, kind, and understanding place.
  3. If you do decide to disagree, do so with respect. Please word your disagreement in a way that is not offensive to me or the reader.
  4. Remember, whatever you post stays on the Internet forever. If it’s something you will not say to someone in real life, do not post it for the whole world to read.
  5. Everyone who is reading this, is a real person with feelings and complex lives. Mean words do hurt others. Please be aware of the impact of whatever you say, and think twice before posting it.
  6. Healthy discussions are encouraged. But condescending and narrow-minded ones are not. Judgmental comments will be removed.  This website is a place for breaking walls. Not building them. We already do that in real life.
  7. Build people up; don’t tear them down.
  8. If you do not understand the person’s point of view, please do not hate on them.
  9. Please respect others of all ages. Yes, you may be older and wiser, but that does not give you the excuse to be rude.
  10. Use common sense. All in all, treat others how you want to be treated.

All comments will be moderated before it’s on the website. If you comment something that does not abide by the above, it will be deleted. Second time, I will give you a warning. Third time, I will block you–no questions asked.

Thank you for reading. The comment section is a privilege to everyone here. If no one uses it well, I will have to take the comment section off. That would lead to zero discussions, which would take away a huge and healthy experience.


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