Hello bloggers and readers,

First of all, I want to say a huge thank you to all of my recent followers even though I’ve been extremely inactive for a month now. Thank you for giving me a chance to think up posts and upload them on the Internet. None of you had to follow my blog, as I hardly have any content up yet. Despite that, many of you chose to follow me because you believed that I had the potential to evolve into something greater.

As I have mentioned before, I’m not worried about the followers because it boosts my self-esteem and self-worth. The reason I am happy that I have more than ten followers today is because I know my blog is read by citizens around the world. And that’s what matters. If I know that I’m here to do what I love, people will notice. Which is exactly what happened today.

It amazes me to read comments about how my readers are inspired and impressed with my content so far. I promise all of you, I haven’t deserted my blog. It is still here; however, I haven’t uploaded anything new–yet.

I am working on a post right now. It should be up soon.
Also, I just made a twitter account dedicated to my blog, which you can follow here: https://twitter.com/Zoey_Fireflight
Also, I plan to make other social media accounts such as like Instagram and Pinterest for my blog. Please stay tuned for those. Please do share your Twitter accounts, so I can follow you all.

Lastly, what kind of posts are you interested in reading? Please comment; as I am looking for suggestions.

Thank you for reading.
Best Wishes,

4 thoughts on “Updates from an Undedicated Blogger

  1. Hey Zoey! DON’t worry about not posting: post when you CAN. I love your attitude towards blogging because it’s pretty much the same as mine! Keep doing what you’re doing.
    My Twitter username is @theotherelm, by the way.

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