Blogging Habit 101: Chapter 1

WordPress has an ebook on their website where one can do twenty prompts that help kickstart your blog. I’ve been having trouble coming up with posts, so I decided to follow a scheme of prompts in this book to help me pick up steam.

For the first prompt, I have to write for twenty minutes non-stop without thinking. And then, I have to publish my unedited writing. It doesn’t explicitly say this, but I’m sure this prompt is designed to help new writers gain confidence with writing and publishing an imperfect post. Which is exactly what I’m struggling with, as perfectionism is getting in the way of me doing things.

When I’m writing, I like to listen to some background music to get into the mood. This way, I don’t find myself worrying too much about the content, and I can just focus on the process. My latest favorite right now is the soundtrack from a video game called Professor Layton VS Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. Alright here goes. Twenty minutes of unedited writing. This shouldn’t be too hard…

I am really tired. It’s 10:35 p.m. This is making it difficult to think of things to write about. But then again, it says not to think about anything when I’m writing. I’m supposed to just write. But can I just write? Will this be of any worth? Who knows. But it feels good to write something for the sake of writing something. This will help me combat my perfectionism.

I hate perfectionism. It’s one of my biggest struggles. It makes my life very difficult. And there is a reason anxiety and perfectionism go so well together like two frenemies sitting in a room. They talk to each other, but they don’t enjoy each other’s company. I don’t know why I am a perfectionist. But I am one. Thankfully, I am working on it. It’s getting better each and every day. I mean this prompt is created for this reason. To help all the perfectionists everywhere. This is probably one of the scariest things I’ve done.

Perfectionism kills creativity. It ruins your ability to create. What I mean is that one is so focused on the result that you forget the process. How can I focus on the product if I don’t like the process? Or I should say focus on the process which will get me somewhere. That’s the whole point! Right now, I’m writing without thinking. And it feels good. I’m worried about the perfect result. Who cares if this paragraph isn’t perfect. It’s my first blog post. I have to start somewhere. If I start comparing myself to professional bloggers, I’ll never get anywhere.

I think I found my problem. I’m comparing myself to professional bloggers who already have developed a following. They already figured what to do to make a great blog. As of now, I can just focus on writing and see where it takes me. I can’t compare myself with someone who has had years of experience. That’s silly. It will get me nowhere.

It’s the absolute worst. Yet we all humans do it. Compare, compare and compare some more. No wonder we never feel good enough! It’s the worst thing one can do to oneself. I don’t know why we put ourselves through all this torture. Nobody is perfect, so why do we indirectly expect ourselves to be perfect? And when we compare, people start feeling insecure. And out of that insecurity, a vicious cycle occurs. How horrible is that? It’s absolutely devasting to both people. The one comparing and the one being compared. I don’t like this. I don’t like this at all. What a waste of time.

Instead of building ourselves up, we use our brain in ways that tear ourselves down. I think we should focus on our strengths instead focusing on our negatives. Once we do that, then we can accomplish anything. And then we can feel good about ourselves and cheer others on when something good happens to them. This is something we all should do. Yet, not all of us do it. This is nonsense. We all should do better. Know better.

Thankfully, I’ve stopped comparing. I used to compare myself to other people in grades. But learning how not to compare is a journey. It doesn’t come in a day. I have to focus on not comparing an aspect of myself to another. Once I battle that, then I do it again with other things. This way, I’m constantly improving my self-love. And my love towards others. What better way to live your life than to love, love, and love some more? We all should do more like it. Then, we all will be happier and healthier human beings. And then, we all can live happily ever after.

Just kidding! This is not the greatest post, but at least I can follow instructions. Hahaha! Okay, this is getting ridiculous. I need to stop. But I can’t stop. The timer is still running. Therefore, I must write. Am I losing my mind? Will I ever stop writing? Oh no, I better keep writing or horrible things will happen. Vampires will come for me. Farewell, my fellow readers. I must bid you goodbye. This is my end. Help me, someone! I can’t take it anymore. I don’t want to write anymore. But I must. And I shall. No, I will do this. I can do this. Writing is supposed to be fun right. Yes, writing is fun. I like writing. I like it very much. So much that I’m powering through twenty minutes of writing, and I’m not even sure this whole post is making any sense.

This all might be a secret language. Maybe hieroglyphics from the Ancient Egyptian times. Yes, I have become an archeologist that has discovered how to use hieroglyphics. But you see, it’s so special that this looks like English to you. But I am writing in this special language. What a dark and mysterious plan. Muahaha! 

PerfecOkay–one minute to wrap up everything. I guess the Ancient Egyptian story must be cut short. How unfortunate. But maybe it IS fortunate because I can finally stop writing a silly post. I hope it makes my readers laugh. I hope they get something out of this. Zoey, stop giving yourself bad self-talk! You are a wonderful writer. 

And I survived! For twenty minutes, I wrote 883 words. That’s nearly a thousand words. What an achievement. I will admit, I did read through it once. I corrected any spelling and added spacing between paragraphs. But I promise that’s all I did. Don’t kill me. I had to do to what I said above make it somewhat readable.

15 thoughts on “Blogging Habit 101: Chapter 1

  1. I’m a really bad perfectionist too – I have to edit my work thoroughly before I publish it. This must have been so difficult! I would have really struggled to do it too, but like you said, it’s probably a good idea to try it to get out of your comfort zone a bit. Maybe I’ll try it someday (maybe I won’t xD)

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  2. That’s a prettyy awesome post to write in 20 minutes! When I’m pressed for time, I’ll probably write the most nonsensical things XD
    I’m a perfectionist too. Honestly, I NEED to understand that perfect is not really ideal and being me is perfect in itself 🙂 I don’t know if that made any sense but yeah, great post!!!

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  3. This is so awesome! Your unedited writing is really cool, and you are definitely an amazing blogger with a lot to say 🙂
    I like how it sounds like you’re having a casual conversation and all
    I’m also a perfectionist…sometimes. When I care, I’m a perfectionist and then that desire to be perfect often ruins things. When I don’t care, I’m just lazy, and I do the least amount of work necessary. But I’ve been trying to do things because I care and because I love doing them. I’ve been trying to not compare myself with others, and more importantly to not care about the results.
    Your blog post was really relatable, and I look forward to reading more of your posts~

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    1. Wow, THANK YOU! I did not expect to get any new followers today let alone a comment. You’re such a darling!

      That’s kind of the idea. It helps me be relatable to my readers.

      Yes, I’m a very wordy writer, haha. I think that’s with everyone. I recently gave a quiz, and I didn’t really revise before I gave the quiz because I was so sick of reading the material. I got about a 70%. I definitely could have done better, but I was so glad to get it over with, that I didn’t feel too bad. I think after all I’ve been through, I’m reining in my perfectionism for good, so it doesn’t turn against me as much anymore.

      I’ve been doing the same thing too. I’m trying to do things because I love it, and not because I want to achieve perfect results. I can completely understand where you are coming from.

      Yes, comparing yourself gets you nowhere. When you compare yourself to others, it comes from insecurity–not confidence. And the only way to become confident is to love yourself and understand that everyone has strength and weaknesses.

      Maybe, I’ll make a blog post about this. This is a problem that many people struggle with.

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  4. I’ve gone through a LOT of struggles with comparing myself to other bloggers. I see really new bloggers who have way more followers than me and feel terrible. But I need to remind myself that IT IS NOT A COMPETITION. I’m just here to have fun and make friends! And I really admire people who can post unedited posts — I usually have to go through the whole process of thinking of an idea, planning, drafting etc.
    I’m looking forward to reading more of your posts, this one was fab! ❤

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    1. Thank you for your lovely comment.

      Yes, I understand where you come from. Before, I didn’t blog, so I used to compare myself based on who liked my Facebook status and such. And how like you did, I treated it as a competition. I usually do go through the editing process, but I was having such a hard time trying to create the perfect post that I couldn’t post anything at all!

      Thus, I found that prompt, so I decided to just do it to get over the fear of a perfectly curated post. I might do some other ones from that ebook. I have so many ideas running through my head, but to execute it to the last step can be quite a challenge, haha.

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    1. Aw, thank you so much! I’m glad you enjoyed it so much, although I barely even edited it. Your comment made my day. I love the term, “cooked up.” Never heard of that before, yet what an interesting way to put it. I’m going to use that expression now. 🙂

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  5. I really loved this post!!! I really can relate to the whole perfectionist thing… It must have been nerve-racking writing all of that in twenty minutes without being able to edit more than just spelling… 😐 You’re brave! Keep up the great writing.

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